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Welcome to our site...

Our family makes everything we do an adventure. In a way, we're just two crazy kids from Wisconsin have seemingly lived everywhere but there, making our home all around the globe. In the mean time, we have have worked hard to make a life for ourselves, adding three degrees, three children and pets, and all sorts of hobbies to the mix.

Military Life

We are proud to have been a military family and continue that tradition into federal civilian service. This has never made our life easy, but maybe that was never a requirement.

Our Family

The picture is worth a thousand words, but the first one is: Twins! Amy and I are blessed to have three healthy, beautiful children. The take up much of our time, but it is all worth it!

Life In Germany

We currently live in a charming 110 year old apartment in downtown Wiesbaden. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to see the world and enjoy the things life has to offer.

This year, we are planning to see the dutch gardens in spring and the french alpine foothills this summer when the Tour de France rolls through.