Tips on avoiding heatstroke and dehydration

Dr. Vikram Varma offers some basic heat stroke prevention tips and key steps to take if someone is in danger.        …

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 10:06 pm

Bestiality conviction reinstated in sexual assault of roommate's dog

A bizarre legal saga that began when a Muncie, Ind., man sexually assaulted his roommate’s dog ended with a ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court.  &n…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 9:47 pm

NBA free agency: Top 10 players at each position

Free agency officially begins on July 1.        …

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 9:43 pm

Who's watching what: TV shows ranked by racial and ethnic groups

Which shows are most popular among white, African-American, Hispanic and Asian-Americans?        …

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 9:39 pm

Fake 'Time' magazine Trump cover hung in his clubs, report says

This really is fake news.        …

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 8:11 pm

George Lucas' $1.5 billion art museum gets OK from Los Angeles Council

Los Angeles moved with lightsaber speed to clear way for George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.        …

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 7:51 pm

'Dragon Tattoo' star Michael Nyqvist dies at 56

The Swedish star battled lung cancer.        …

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 7:44 pm

How to protect your Windows computer from the Petya ransomware attack

Older Windows systems are most vulnerable.        …

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 7:39 pm

House panel votes to privatize air-traffic control

A House panel voted Tuesday to move air-traffic control from the Federal Aviation Administration to a non-profit corporation, to hasten modernization.  &n…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 7:30 pm

After almost taking his own life, doctor focuses on saving other physicians

Depression, burnout and suicide occur at higher rates in the medical profession than in many other fields, experts note.       &n…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 7:25 pm

Ten Commandments Installed At Arkansas State Capitol; ACLU Plans Lawsuit

The monument's key backer, state Sen. Jason Rapert, says it honors the "historical moral foundation of law." But the ACLU says it violates the Establishment Cla…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 6:30 pm

Petya Ransomware Hackers Didn't Make WannaCry's Mistakes

The ransomware epidemic that's sweeping Europe and beyond didn't make the same mistakes WannaCry did. That's bad news.

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 6:23 pm

Labor Department Rethinking Obama-Era Overtime Pay Rule

On Tuesday the Labor Department formally requested information from the Office of Management and Budget, setting the stage for scaling back a rule that would ma…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 6:11 pm

The Queen Gets A Raise And Buckingham Palace Is Poised For An Upgrade

It's expensive being royal. The queen is expected to get an annual payout of around $105 million by 2019 and palace repairs are a priority.

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 5:18 pm

A Murder in Kansas Shatters the New American Dream

When Indian tech worker Srinivas Kuchibhotla is fatally shot in Kansas, the immigrant community grieves—and reconsiders its place in America.

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 5:00 pm

Ethics Group Says U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley's Retweet Violated A Federal Law

Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, retweeted President Trump's support for a political candidate. CREW says that violated a law that bans federal…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 4:48 pm

3 Chicago Police Officers Accused Of Cover-Up In Killing Of Laquan McDonald

The Cook County grand jury indictment alleges that the three police officers were at the scene of the killing and worked together to conceal crucial facts in or…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 4:31 pm

Q&A: What Does The Senate Health Bill Mean For Me?

The Senate Republicans' plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act could bring big changes to many Americans' health care coverage. Here are answers to a handful…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 4:28 pm

Emmett Till Sign Vandalized Again

The damage was done to a historical marker that stands outside the Money, Miss., grocery store where in 1955, Till was accused of flirting with a white woman be…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 4:14 pm

Alabama Prisons Ruled 'Horrendously Inadequate,' Must Improve

A U.S. District judge issued the ruling Tuesday in a class action lawsuit brought by inmates who argued the prisons' conditions were cruel and unusual punishmen…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 4:14 pm

Brazilian President Michel Temer Is Formally Charged With Corruption

The indictment handed down Monday night by Brazil's top prosecutor makes Temer the first sitting president in the country's history to be charged with a crime.

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 3:31 pm

Could Sagan win 11 Tour stages this year?

Could Peter Sagan match Eddy Merckx's record of most stage wins in a single Tour de France? Eleven stages look ripe with opportunity. The post Could Sagan win 1…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 3:03 pm

Beekeepers Feel The Sting Of California's Great Hive Heist

This year authorities uncovered a "beehive chop shop:" nearly $1 million in stolen hives in a field in Fresno County. There's money to be made by renting out be…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 2:54 pm

Five big stories to watch during the Tour

The 2017 Tour de France has enough plot lines to fill a novel. Here are five big stories we’ll be watching this month. The post Five big stories to watch…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 2:28 pm

André Cardoso out of Tour after failed anti-doping test

Trek-Segafredo's André Cardoso fails an out-of-competition doping control. He was expected to start the Tour de France. The post André Cardoso out…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 12:54 pm

VN podcast, ep. 34: Tour de France preview; Warbasse interview

We analyze the Tour de France route, argue about the teams, and predict the podium. Plus, an interview with USPro champ Larry Warbasse. The post VN podcast, ep.

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 12:25 pm

How the Tour’s leader gets a yellow bike (or not)

The leader of the Tour de France often rides a commemorative yellow bike. Simple, right? Not exactly. The post How the Tour’s leader gets a yellow bike (o…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 11:15 am

The Real Impact of Google's Big EU Fine

What the EU's $2.7 billion record-setting fine really means for the future of the search giant.

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 11:10 am

Petya Ransomware Outbreak Sweeps Europe

Using the same EternalBlue NSA tool as WannaCry, Petya ransomware is taking over the world.

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 11:09 am

4 Analog Smartwatches Reviewed: Nokia, Mondaine, Fossil, Timex

These smartwatches display the time with analog hands, but they have digital guts to track your activity.

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 11:00 am

Baby Driver Brings Your Badass Playlist Fantasies to Life

Ever made a playlist that makes you feel like an action hero? That's basically Edgar Wright's new movie.

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 10:00 am

Quick-Step brings five stage winners to Tour de France

The Belgian squad will launch a multi-pronged attack starting with Saturday's opening stage in Germany. The post Quick-Step brings five stage winners to Tour de…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 9:37 am

Giant shifts back into big wheels with XC race focused Anthem 29

  Giant shocked the bike industry when they announced that the Anthem XC race bike was going 27.5″. At the time, wheel size was still a fierce debate…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 9:20 am

Key climbs of the 2017 Tour de France, by the numbers

Here's a look at the 2017 Tour de France's eight key stages and their climbs. The race will be decided in the Pyrénées and the Alps. The post Key…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 9:16 am

How to Use an iPhone and Physics to Measure the Height of a Building With an ... Accelerometer?

The iPhone makes it easy to do all kinds of cool physics. Like, say, use the change in velocity in an elevator to measure the height of a building.

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 9:00 am

Imagining the iPhone in 2027

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. But what about the next 10 years?

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 8:00 am

Report: Sponsors back Quick-Step for 4 more years

A Belgian newspaper reports that the squad has long-term commitments from three major sponsors, along with the team's owner. The post Report: Sponsors back Quic…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 7:33 am

The Clue to Next Year's Flu Strain Could Be Inside You

Decade-old snot from cancer patients revealed a new technique to forecast how flu evolves.

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 7:00 am

Cancer Research's Reproducibility Problem Faces a Second Test

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 7:00 am

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Ogden, Utah

Photos submitted by Alex, “Went on a 30 mile ride with 5800ft of climbing yesterday near Ogden, UT, and was rewarded with killer singletrack and Amazing v…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 6:01 am

Intense builds new long travel Carbine 29 with JS Enduro Tuned suspension

Heading into the 2017 Enduro race season, Intense had a secret weapon. Raced as an unmarked prototype under Jack Moir, the first versions of the new Carbine end…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 3:00 am

The Real Thing

During my days as a shop rat, I sold kids’ bikes by the shipping pallet. While proper setup required a certain sense of style and eye to what the West Coa…

Posted on 27 June 2017 | 2:01 am

U.S. Pro Gallery: Neben doubles-up in Knoxville

Amber Neben attacks with over two laps to race and holds off a hard-chasing peloton to win the Stars and Stripes. The post U.S. Pro Gallery: Neben doubles-up in…

Posted on 26 June 2017 | 3:41 pm

Big names left out of Tour: Coquard, Gerrans, Poels

As teams ramp up for the Tour de France, a few prominent riders, like Simon Gerrans and Bryan Coquard, will be left home in July. The post Big names left out of…

Posted on 26 June 2017 | 3:17 pm

3T Discus Plus carbon gravel road bike wheels get wider, lighter

When 3T launched their new Strada aero road bike with a 1x drivetrain and disc brakes, it marked more than just Vroomen’s reentry to frame design. It mark…

Posted on 26 June 2017 | 12:55 pm

Summer PressCamp 2017, Part I

This was Boyd Wheels’ first visit to PressCamp and it gave me a better chance to chat with Boyd and Nicole than I’ve been able to at Interbike and N…

Posted on 26 June 2017 | 12:45 pm

What would you ask Park Tool?

Park Tool is sponsoring the next few episodes of Ask A Stupid Question, so we need to know – what would you ask Park Tool? They’ll answer anything r…

Posted on 26 June 2017 | 12:00 pm

G-Form bulks up with Elite knee & elbow pads, Pro Slides are perfect for ramps

Since their beginnings, G-Form has focused on flexible protection. Based on their proprietary RPT (Reactive Protection Technology) design, the TPU coated segmen…

Posted on 26 June 2017 | 10:00 am

Summer kit roundup with Ornot : Rapha : Kirschner : Sock Guy

Summer has officially begun for us in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means new apparel is here. Since no kit is complete without a matching pair of sock…

Posted on 26 June 2017 | 9:15 am

Kali proves safety’s not an upgrade w/ $100 Alchemy & Therapy helmets, new gloves & more

Kali’s big on safety. They like to say, if you’re going to crash, you want to crash in their helmets. They take data from some of the biggest crashe…

Posted on 26 June 2017 | 7:45 am

New Bianchi Aria road bike gets “full aero” geometry to optimize your tuck

Designed as a race bike with performance-oriented geometry, handling and stiffness, the new Bianchi Aria adds aerodynamics that consider the rider and the bike…

Posted on 26 June 2017 | 6:45 am

Lapierre Prorace SAT mixes carbon XC hardtail speed with softail comfort

For the French company’s all new carbon XC race hardtail, Lapierre has combined vertical compliance tech developed for the road with XC race geometry &…

Posted on 26 June 2017 | 2:15 am

Friday Group Ride #366

My cycling was different ten years ago. That is not, in and of itself, much of a revelation, things change, trends come and go. But I was reflecting this mornin…

Posted on 23 June 2017 | 1:22 pm


A big piece of reviewing gear is being on it long enough to forget that you’re on it. That sounds like a stew of hippy-dippy doublespeak, self-delusi…

Posted on 22 June 2017 | 9:10 am

The Power to Impress

We have reached an era in road bikes where there is very little to differentiate between road bikes. The worst carbon fiber production road bike out there is a…

Posted on 21 June 2017 | 1:11 am

Two By Two

In the early 2000s I despaired of bike racks. There had been a proliferation of racks that allowed you to leave both wheels on the bike and an arm swung up and…

Posted on 20 June 2017 | 2:01 am

Zombies, Vampires and Republicans

When Trump is just an ignorant bystander.

Posted on 19 June 2017 | 3:21 am

Kid-Sized Pro

When I was a kid, I didn’t understand why my parents wouldn’t buy me my own football helmet. I wanted a cool helmet with all sorts of extra face-mas…

Posted on 19 June 2017 | 2:01 am

Friday Group Ride #365

I was having dinner with some industry people, a small bowl of fried pig’s ears in front of me, a plate of clams. Then one of them used the phrase “…

Posted on 16 June 2017 | 5:18 pm

The Paceline Podcast #72

Everyone is back in their usual chairs this week, thank heaven. Fatty is just back from the Vision Relay, an event he’s been waiting for all season, and f…

Posted on 15 June 2017 | 1:02 pm


Dirty Kanza champions are of a piece. They are gritty, tenacious and down to earth. There’s something in Dirty Kanza that weeds out all but the stoic. And…

Posted on 14 June 2017 | 12:41 pm

Wrecking the Ship of State

Trump shows the damage a bad president can do.

Posted on 9 June 2017 | 3:21 am

Making Ignorance Great Again

Climate is a casualty in the war on truth.

Posted on 5 June 2017 | 3:21 am

Trump Gratuitously Rejects the Paris Climate Accord

To the president and the right, it’s all about spite, not economics or science.

Posted on 1 June 2017 | 6:06 pm

Trump’s Energy, Low and Dirty

Risking the planet to keep a lie alive.

Posted on 29 May 2017 | 3:21 am

It’s All About Trump’s Contempt

His budget and health plan show he despises his voters. Will they notice?

Posted on 26 May 2017 | 3:21 am

The Unfreeing of American Workers

Creeping along the real road to serfdom.

Posted on 22 May 2017 | 3:21 am

What’s the Matter With Republicans?

We need to understand what made Trump possible.

Posted on 19 May 2017 | 3:21 am

The Priming of Mr. Donald Trump

He’s not the only one with fiscal fantasies.

Posted on 15 May 2017 | 3:21 am

Judas, Tax Cuts and the Great Betrayal

The Republican response to Trump’s cover-up will live in infamy forever.

Posted on 12 May 2017 | 3:22 am