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Hello Ladies...

I'm not suprised that you came to find out more about me. The charm I possess can be a curse at times, distracting me from my hobbies, but I always make time for the ladies in my life.

Things I like

Besides long walks on the beach at sunset, of course!

My Mom

Rule number one ladies:

MY mom is the most wonderful woman in the world, you have a lot to measure up to.

Rule Two:

If my mom doesn't like you, I don't like you.



Here's the thing. I really like trains. I can't imagine sharing my time with someone who doesn't share my passion for artificial railway!


I am an outdoor fan. I love to climb and run while outdoors, and I enjoy the occassilnal slide or swing too. Maybe I'm just young at heart!


People say they're man's best friend, and I am no exception. My dog Bailey is great fun whether I'm running in circles, or just trying to warm my feet!